Why the name Selfmade Clo.?

This brand is named Selfmade Clo. because it’s designed for people, that achieved their goals thanks to their effort.

Who are We?

We are a community of people thinking and acting same. We are Selfmade, that means, that everything We achieved, We achieved only thanks to ourselves.

We want to become an idols for youngs, We want to show an alternative way how to live. 

We aren’t average. Don’t be either and join us, we will gladly guide you.

Selfmade Clo. = brand?

Selfmade Clo. isn’t just a brand, We are a community, which is fighting for reaching their goals together.

Don’t hesitate and be a part of a fitness community, that helps to reach goals. 

Ľudovít Nemec
Managing & Marketing director